The Academy at Colorado Golf Club is a full service instructional facility with the ability to satisfy all your golfing needs. Our instructors bring an immense knowledge and understanding of the game and have a track record of helping students reach their full potential. State-of-the-art video software and cameras, a Trackman launch monitor, an AboutGolf PGA Tour Simulator, and ideal practice conditions are just some of the reasons the Academy provides the optimal learning environment. The Academy at Colorado Golf Club also features a variety of services not available at any other Colorado location. Exclusive relationships and training make the Academy home to Colorado's only certified AimPoint instructors and home to elite custom club, wedge, and putter fitting systems. Come see for yourself how the instructors at the Academy at Colorado Golf Club have helped so many students improve their swings, lower their scores, and have more fun playing golf!

  • Lessons
    • Each lesson begins with an interview about your game and your goals. High speed video may be used to help analyze your mechanics and, after a review of the video, you will be shown how to make improvements using specific drills and aids.

      Stan:175 / Jason:150
      Juniors: 110 / 100
      Five Hour Series: 750 / 600
      Facility Fee on MetaGolf Series Lessons: 20 / 20
  • Three- Hour Session
    • A three-hour intense instructional session intended to address the needs of your game.

      450 / 375
  • Club Fitting
    • The Academy is the exclusive Colorado fitter of Edel custom putters and wedges and Henry Griffitts golf clubs. In addition, we are authorized fitters for the following manufacturers: Titleist, TaylorMade, Nike, Mizuno, Adams, Ping, Callaway and Dimension Z. The Academy is the only Colorado facility that combines the use of a Trackman Launch Monitor and a PGA Tour Simulator with the opportunity to see outdoor ball flight to confirm the best fit for you.

      150 / 150
  • Total Game Fit
    • Spend a morning or afternoon fitting every club in your bag. Dial in your putter, wedges, irons, woods/ hybrids, and driver, as well as determine the correct set make up for proper distance management.

      450 / 450
  • Monthly Programs
    • A program of one to four lessons per month to take a committed approach to improving your game. The monthly programs are designed to provide consistent
      instruction and also include a TPI fitness evaluation and exercise program, and 10% off all additional services.

      Once Monthly: 200 / 175
      Twice Monthly: 350 / 300
      Weekly: 600 / 500
  • Half-Day Experience
    • Take a focused look at every aspect of your game. Spend the morning or afternoon at the club with two hours of instruction followed by nine holes of golf with your instructor. Lunch is included before or after to complete your experience.

      Stan: 750 / Jason: 675
      For 2: 550 / 475
      For 3: 500 / 425
  • Full-Day Experience
    • A great way to take one day and make some serious improvements to your game. This experience begins with a four-hour instructional session in the morning followed by lunch and 18 holes in the afternoon. The instructor is yours for the day as this experience is the ultimate opportunity to move your game in the right direction.

      Stan: 1300 / Jason: 1200
      For 2: 1000 / 900
      For 3: 900 / 800
  • Playing Lessons
    • During your playing lesson, your instructor will evaluate and work with you on a variety of skills including both pre-round and pre-shot routines, course management decisions, situational strategies, short game shot selection, and swing technique. Typically, on-course lessons are scheduled at the end of the day for more freedom on the course.

      9 Holes (3 hrs)
      Stan: 575 / Jason: 500
      For 2: 425 / 375
      For 3: 350 / 300
      18 Holes (5 hrs)
      Stan: 1000 / Jason 850
      For 2: 800 / 650
      For 3: 700 / 550
  • Additional Services
    • Trackman (independent use): 100
      Loft / Lie Adjustment: 4 / club
      Re-grip: 5 / club
      Shaft replacement: 25 / club