Guest Guidelines

Welcome to Colorado Golf Club. Our goal is to provide every guest of the Club with an enjoyable day and a memorable golf experience. To help you plan your day, here are a few of the pertinent policies adopted by the members of Colorado Golf Club.

Please CLICK HERE for a printable version of the 2017 Guest Guidelines.

  • Cell Phones & PDA's
    • Colorado Golf Club allows limited use of your mobile device. Texting and emailing are allowed on property without being intrusive to others. Phone calls can ONLY be made in your vehicle, the business office; located in the west wing of the clubhouse or in the locker bays in the locker-rooms
  • Golf Club Dress Code
    • Proper golf attire is required for all players, whether playing or practicing.  Proper attire shall mean the following:

      Men:  Shirts with collars or mock necks and sleeves and slacks or Bermuda shorts of lower-thigh length are considered appropriate attire.  Cargo shorts or pants, tank tops, tee shirts, mesh shirts, sweat pants, warm-up suits, blue jeans, swim wear, short shorts, cut-offs, gym shorts, tennis outfits or other athletic shorts are not permitted.

      Women:  Dresses, skirts, slacks, mid-length shorts and blouses are considered appropriate attire.  Halter tops, tee shirts, cut-offs, sweat pants, warm-up suits, blue jeans, swim wear, tennis dresses, short shorts, or other athletic shorts are not permitted.

      Golf Shoes:  Shoes with metal spikes are not allowed at the Club.  Shoes with “soft spikes” or spike-less shoes must be worn by all golfers, unless otherwise approved by the General Manager or Golf Professional(s) on duty.

      Caps/Hats:  Men and boys are required to remove their caps whenever they enter the Clubhouse building. Caps are acceptable on outside patio. Ladies may wear caps or visors in the clubhouse.
  • Guest Play Etiquette
    • The Golf Professional staff has established checkpoints throughout the course to measure your pace during your round of golf. Your group is expected to meet these checkpoints to ensure your round is completed within a maximum of 4½ hours. The Golf Professional staff will monitor pace of play and requests the cooperation of all players to ensure an enjoyable round for all golfers. Groups playing behind pace will be notified and have 20 minutes to move back into the proper position on the course. If, after 20 minutes, the group has not moved back into position, they will be asked to pick up their balls and move into position.
  • Caddie Requirements
    • A forecaddie is required when guests outnumber members in the group. Caddies must be paid in cash or charged to a member account. Our Caddie Master Mike Engler will visit with you prior to your round to introduce you to your caddie and answer any questions. Caddie fees range from $40.00 to $100.00 per player inclusive of gratuity, depending on if you have a fore-caddie or carry caddie.
  • Golf Carts
    • Colorado Golf Club occupies a pristine natural environment. Please respect all native areas, stay on walking paths when walking from tees to landing areas and never drive golf carts into the native areas.
  • Tipping Policies
    • Colorado Golf Club is a non-tipping facility.  The exceptions to the non-tipping rule are caddies and locker room attendants.  Thank you for observing this policy, which we hope enhances your visit to Colorado Golf Club.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your visit to Colorado Golf Club more enjoyable.